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2017 Shack

2016 Contesting at K5UA Shack (end of contest)



Operating Position with Flex 6700,  Acom control head, Yaesu Control, Kent Paddle Closet behind operating position wall. Amplifier, Power Supply with Battery Backup, Tuner, Computer, UPS and Accessories!

Ham Radio Station Equipment

Transceiver's: Flex SDR 6700    Amplifier: ACOM 2000a 1500W
  Elecraft KX3 - RV Mobile     Elecraft KPA500 500W
  Kenwood 590S -  - Not Shown   Tuner: Palstar AT4K (Little Used)
  Icom IC-706MKIIG     MFJ Remote Tuner 300W (vertical)
Accessories: Palstar 5000 w Dummy Load   CW Key Begali Magnetic Profession Paddle
  Heil PR-40 Microphone   Antennas: SteppIR 4E (40, thru 6m)
  Fluidmotion SteppIR SDA 100     Inverted Vee's for 80m and 160m
  Astron RS-50M DC PS     43 ft. Vertical Home Brew
  Astron RS-35M DC PS   Tower Heights Tower Systems 60ft. w/4ft. fold-over
  Green Heron Rotator Controller   Rotator: Yaesu G-2800DXA
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