Ham Radio Organizational

Station Info.
Antenna - Tower
Awards - Contesting
Hurricane Prepareness
Tower Project 2004
Historical Pictures
AARA - The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association, Lafayette, La. representing ham radio in the Acadiana region of Louisiana.

Ten-Ten International - promoting communications on 10 meters. Membership #72656.

FISTS - The International Morse Preservation Society, committed to the preservation of Morse Code. Member #8622 and Century Certificate #1572.

ARRL - Amateur Radio Relay League, committed to promoting and protecting Amateur Radio in the US. Member #1000091263.

SKCC - Straight Key Century Club, promotes Morse Code with straight cw key. Member  #2746

LCC - Louisiana Contest Club, founded in August 9, 2008 of which I am a charter member - NA5Q.




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