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My antennas are situated on my 60 ft. (18 meter) aluminum Heights Folder over tower.

Two feet above the top plate I installed a Tilt Over Plate from NN4ZZ, and then installed on the tilt plate is a Fluidmotion SteppIR 4E (40/30m) antenna, with a small Comet GP-3 dual band vertical for 2m and 70cm repeater access. These two antennas were installed on March 4, 2010. A 80 Inverted Vee with the center 65 ft. is installed in a nearby tree.

This antenna setup replaced my Opti-Beam OB12-4 yagi, Cushcraft A3WS/A103 and M2 6M5X 6 meter antennas that was installed in 2004.

All antennas are connected to a Array Solutions Rat Pack antenna relay box at the top of tower. I am using two 1/2 inch Heliax from the VHF-UHF antenna and HF antenna switch to the shack approximately 130 ft. from the tower. Each Heliax run is approximately 200-220 ft. long.

Pictures of the orginal installation is below, as you will notice the tower was installed before the home was built and the antennas were installed before home was completed. I takes patience to see all that stuff up there and not able to use it!:

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